The 73-year-old was a famous wrestler in the 1970s. She set a new world record and won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. After her career was over, she worked in show business.

She went by the name Bruce Jenner at the time. In recent years, she has been in the news for coming out as transgender and getting hormone treatments to change her gender.

Jenner has become a role model for many people because of the brave choice she made.

Finding out Jenner proudly told the world that she was transgender in 2015. She was worried about how her family would react because they didn’t know what she was planning.

“I thought that night, ‘Oh, it’s over.'” Heart is racing… Jenner remembered, “and I thought, Why wouldn’t that be the easiest thing to be right now?”

Today is the first day of Jenner’s new life, which is very different from the old one. It’s still common for Kendall and Kylie to call her “dad.” Even though she was confused, she said she didn’t have any problems with it.

If I remember correctly, we talked a few years ago, and you agreed that we could still call you dad. In a YouTube video, Kylie, her daughter, asked her dad, “How do you feel about that now?”

In the same year that Jenner came out as who she really was, she also ended her marriage to her ex-wife Kris Jenner. In that year, the divorce was finalised, and the ex-athlete was left to live her life on her own terms. During a recent interview, Caitlyn talked about how she is currently single as her 74th birthday comes later this month.

Caitlyn Jenner’s big secret.

Jenner was honest about her love life in a recent chat with The Times. She talked about something she will never do again.

“No problem. I have no plans to look for a relationship any time soon. I will never be in a relationship again. It’s not happening in my life. That is not what I am looking for.”

The former reality TV star has been through three divorces, but she said that being alone doesn’t bother her. In the first place, her “very large family”—her two dogs, Bertha and Baxter—keep her company. I could have dinner at someone’s house every night of the week, she said.

Jenner has been focusing her energy on activities that make her happy, like flying aeroplanes and playing golf, instead of going on dates. In spite of her Olympic success, Caitlyn says she is “a pretty simple person” and that “it doesn’t take much to entertain me.” That’s what I do. Actively play golf… For twenty years or so, I raced cars. There are better ways to make money, build a job, or run a business than racing cars. “You enjoy doing it.”

Jenner talked about her friendship with ex-wife Kris Jenner on the UK show This Morning, saying, “Well, Kris, I really never talk to anymore.” Also, she said that the two usually talk to each other through her boss.

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