Kelly Clarkson has stated that she will physically correct her children if they behave inappropriately.
Kelly Clarkson has discussed in interviews how she instilled morals and values in her children. In an interview, the woman who is a mother of two stated that she will physically correct her children if they do not behave appropriately.

claims that this is something that is done frequently in the state of Louisiana, which is where she currently resides.

Clarkson is originally from Fort Worth in the state of Texas. River Rose, age 5, and Remy, age 3, are her biological children, and she also has two stepchildren from her previous marriage, which was to Brandon Blackstock. When asked how she disciplined her children, she responded, “I’m not beyond a spanking,” which is a response that some others find offensive. And by “beating,” she doesn’t mean much more than a light smack on the behind.

She goes on to explain why she acts the way she does by stating that her parents spanked her when she was a child, and now that she has achieved success in her life, she is content with who she is. She went on to claim that she is always given a cautionary statement before she engages in any activity.
The Voice coach continued by stating that she is from the South, an area where physical punishment such as spanking is more prevalent.

She does remark, however, that it can be difficult to do so in public due to the fact that those who aren’t in agreement are quick to judge.

People have discussed, for a considerable amount of time, whether or not they believe that spanking is an effective form of discipline. While others believe it to be risky, there are many who believe it to be safe.

As a method of correcting misbehavior in children, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not advocate the use of spanking or any other form of “corporal punishment.”

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