Emotional Father Stops Wedding So Daughter’s Stepfather Can Walk Her Down Aisle
Todd Bachman stopped to honor the bride’s stepfather while walking his daughter down the aisle. He made guests cry.

couple’s wedding day should be their best. But, if the family is estranged, event planning can be challenging.

Brittany Peck struggled to divide her time between her biological father and stepfather, who reared her.

Peck was six when her parents divorced. As a child, she watched a lengthy custody struggle for her and her sister. Peck shared:

My parents disagreed about custody. My counsel was terrible. Given our experiences, it might be a Lifetime movie.”

His real father, Todd Bachman, did not want to share his daughter with her stepfather, Todd Cendrosky. Everything improved, and the two dads realized they were good parents.

As Peck married in 2015, familial friction returned. The bride couldn’t tell Bachman she wanted both dads to take her down the aisle.

Seeing both fathers accompany their daughters down the aisle moved guests.
Her emotional stepfather cried to his wife a week before the wedding. “He responded, ‘I have a tux, but I don’t have anything special to do,’” Peck added. In another interview, she said Cendrosky felt terrible “because he knew he would just sit in the crowd.”

Todd Bachman and Todd Cendrosky hug at their daughter Brittany Peck’s wedding. Facebook: photographydelia

“I finally got the confidence to phone him two weeks before the wedding and said, ‘I really need to talk to you.’” Peck described calling Bachman. He recognized her daughter’s problem before she spoke.

Bachman reassured his daughter that he will succeed. Finally, he drove his daughter to the outside golf court ceremony on her wedding day.

Bachman left the bride and went to her stepfather in the first few seats as they were preparing to leave. He said, “‘Hey, come with me. You contributed equally to raising this child. We should escort our daughter down the aisle together.”

This made Cendrosky cry and considered it the best moment of his life. Seeing both fathers accompany their daughters down the aisle moved guests.

Delia Blackburn, a wedding photographer, posted Bachman grabbing Cendrosky on her Facebook page, which has been shared multiple times.

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