Florida couple celebrate 80th wedding anniversary.
US marriages average eight years.

So commemorate a couple’s decades-long love story and dedication.

Frank and Tommie Otway married 80 years ago!

Orange City, Florida pair met as youngsters in East Orange, New Jersey.

Never looked back.
Tommie told FOX 35 Orlando that it all began in East Orange, New Jersey and ended in Orange City.

They met in their New Jersey apartment complex. “He would buy me a 5-cent orange juice and a 10-cent hot dog,” Tommie recounted of their first date in New York City.

Frank, 18, and Tommie, 16, eloped on February 6, 1942.
Frank was a Marine before marrying.

Five children died.

“We had our wonderful five children, but the Lord believed they were more precious and took them to be with him,” Tommie added.

Over 20 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
How did Frank and Tommie endure to have one of the longest marriages?

Four words have kept them together for years.

“Christ, we have to have Jesus in our lives, and I say commitment,” Tommie stated.

They value compassion and communication.
A neighborhood restaurant hosted their 80th wedding anniversary party. Frank’s 99th birthday party is in March!

Frank and Tommie—congratulations! Your marriage is rare. Enjoy many more years together.

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