Barbara Eden recently celebrated her 89th birthday by posting a photo to her Instagram account, which was done in honor of the occasion. She retains her youthful radiance while appearing to have no signs of aging at all. In all seriousness, she doesn’t even look close to her real age in this picture. Her devotees could not believe how lovely she still appeared to be and how she had seemingly stopped the effects of time.
“Barbara, what exactly are you hiding??? One of your fans emailed saying, “You don’t age at All!!! ” Another wishes the birthday person “the happiest birthday possible!!!!” One of the most iconic and unforgettable performers from my formative years ” A concluding observation merely states, “She looks fantastic!” Isn’t that the truth of the matter?

In this picture, Barbara Eden appears to be only a quarter of her actual age.

It appears that Eden is not the one managing her Instagram account but rather another team entirely. In the photo’s caption, the entire staff congratulated her on her birthday and wished her a nice year ahead. Everyone on Team Eden would like to take this opportunity to wish our favorite blonde, Rider of the Wild Surf, Voyager to the Bottom of the Sea, adversary of the Harper Valley PTA, and of course, the everlasting Lady in the Bottle, a very happy birthday today! On this, Ms. Barbara Eden’s birthday, we would like to extend an invitation to all of our readers to please take a moment to send her birthday greetings and any other thoughts you may have.
Eden shares the story of how she was cast in her most well-known television role.

It is unclear how Eden celebrated her 89th birthday, but we can assume that she was still able to have a good time despite the fact that the pandemic is still active. The most recent photo she uploaded was from the Fourth of July, in which she revealed to everyone how she had been celebrating that day. In celebration of her 88th birthday the year before, she revealed how she beat out a number of taller brunettes to land the role of Jeannie, the most famous character from her television career.

When asked about the casting call in 1965, she stated that “they were testing all of the gorgeous brunettes in town.” “I mean, they were all girls who were into fitness! Six feet in height! Dark hair! Great bodies! And with that, the thought crossed my mind, “Well, that leaves me — the short blonde — out.” She was 34 years old when she landed the part of Jeannie, which sent her into the annals of entertainment history.

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