After a fatal car accident, the family of famous TikToker “That Girl Britney Joy” is sad about the loss of their loved ones.

Britney Joy and her mother, Sherie Smith, were in a car crash over the weekend on their way to a Juneteenth party. On Monday, their car crashed into a pickup truck, which led to the problem. Joy then lost control of the car, which flipped over and fell on its roof.

Tiffany Cofield, Joy’s sister, spoke out about what happened. She said, “I just kept yelling. I couldn’t believe it was my mother and my sister.”

She went on, “It looked like her car, and when I walked up, everyone said a mother and daughter had died, but I knew they had left and that my mother and sister were the only mother and daughter left.”

Cofield also wrote a post about the sad news that both her sister and her mother had died.

“June 19, 2023 will always be a day I remember,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post. “My mother and sister have both died and left me here. It turned out to be my worst fear. God took my best friend, my ride or die, my girls, my everything, and everything I had. I loved them all my life. I cared about my family.”


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Before she died, Joy successfully grew her TikTok following from 4,000 to over 400,000 by making videos about how hard it was for her to work a 9-to-5 job.

“This happened so quickly and was really something I never would have thought of. Cofield wrote on a GoFundMe that he was “losing my best friends.” “This happened right around the time that my sister, the popular TikToker Britney Joy, started getting more and more famous for her 9-5 videos, which took the internet by storm. Everyone could connect to her stories and the people in them.

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