A mother praised the school bus driver of her six-year-old son for making a change in his life.

Kelly Isenberg from South Carolina knows that one good friend can make a big difference in your life as you go through life. So, she is very grateful to Charles Frierson, who drives her son Kameron’s school bus, for taking care of him when she can’t.

The mom told Good Morning America that she sent a heartfelt “letter to the Berkeley County School District to thank Frierson for” helping her son.

“I just wanted him to know how much we really, really appreciate everything he’s done for Kameron,” Isenberg told the magazine. “I thought the best way to do that was to write him a letter.”

Isenberg sent the source a touching note “in which she wrote, “I have always thought that angels show up when you least expect them. This is especially true of Mr. Charles, the driver of Berkeley County, SC school bus #220”.

The proud mom went on to talk about how hard it was for Kameron to start kindergarten and how his friendship with Frierson, who he met on his first day at Cane Bay Elementary School, helped him get used to the changes.

“Mr. Charles goes above and beyond every day for my son,” Isenberg said. “From simple things like them eating lunch together or bringing my son his favorite ice cream for the two of them to eat, to bigger things like taking time out of his weekend to come to my son’s baseball games, he does a lot for him.”

Stephanie Williams, Kameron’s special education teacher, also talked about how the two became friends. She told the magazine that the two seemed to get along right away.

“When Cameron knocked on the school bus door, Mr. Charles came to the front and opened it. He was happy to see Cameron. I told Kameron, “I know we’re early, but can he get on the bus for a few minutes so we can talk?” And that was it,” Williams remembered.

“It’s hard to explain how he shines when he sees Mr. Charles,” the teacher said with a smile. “Mr. Charles really is an angel walking around on earth, because Kameron was having trouble and has turned his life around 180 degrees. Mr. Charles has even pushed him to do things he didn’t always want to do.”

Frierson has been running school buses for four years, and he says his job is about a lot more than just driving.

“”Sometimes you don’t know what kids are going through, and that “Good morning. Have a good day. How are you?’…that connection and small talk with them makes a difference”. He said, “So, that’s what I like to do.”

The kind bus driver said that six-year-old Kameron “means the world” to him and added, “He’s an amazing, smart little boy who I call’my little buddy’ and will always be my little buddy… to know him and be around him is to love him. You’ve gotta love him.”

Isenberg hopes that Kameron and Mr. Charles can still hang out even though Kameron’s school is out for the summer. He said, “We definitely plan to see Mr. Charles a lot this summer. I can’t keep them from seeing each other for long.”

Frierson said, “I’m looking forward to our little ice cream and McDonald’s date, the water park, and hopefully… we can get out.”

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