Gina Anderson, a doctor, wanted to improve her looks when she was 40. When the fillers didn’t work right, they caused inflammation and a silicone shot went wrong. She changed when she turned to Botched for help. Find out where Gina has been and how she has changed.

Gina Anderson’s experience with fillers didn’t go as planned.

Gina Anderson

When Gina Davidson, an Oregon-based neurologist, was looking for a way to improve her appearance when she was 40, she wished there had been more study. “A colleague offered to do fillers for me, and I was like, ‘Well, I’m in my 40s, I’m going to look a little bit better,'” she said on the reality TV show Botched.

Gina thought she was going to get a famous filler like Restylane or Juvederm, but she got an injection of silicone instead.

Her eyes and cheeks got red and swollen because she was exposed to silicone.

Gina Anderson had illegal silicone injections, which left her with serious deformities. Her right eye and cheek were swollen, and the silicone was put on her left side. After four years, the terrible effects became clear, and a tumor formed as a result.

Gina Anderson

Experts at the Mayo Clinic say that granulomas are the body’s way of fighting off foreign things and stopping bacteria from spreading.

Even though the granuloma on Gina’s cheek and eye started out as a good thing, it turned into a horrible nightmare in the end.

“It just went boom,” says Gina Anderson.

Within a few days, the granuloma in Gina’s memory grew quickly and then suddenly split open.

Gina said, “All of a sudden, it went boom, and there are just big granulomas.”

Gina knew she needed help right away, so she went to the hospital and had five surgeries to remove the silicone. Unfortunately, none of them helped because the granulomas kept coming back, leaving her with an ugly and big hole in her face.

“I had to shut down [my business]. You can’t sleep, and the pain is always there. It’s hard to always think on your feet. It’s not just that I look a little bit pretty. I’m in pain, I can’t sleep, and my hair has started to thin, like it’s falling out. And I was just starting to feel weak and tired. She said, “It’s been a nightmare.”

Gina Anderson

Gina couldn’t find the help she needed, so she went to famous plastic doctors Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, who are known for being on the show Botched.

“It usually takes between six months and a year to get a granuloma, which is an inflammation caused by a foreign body. Dr. Dubrow said, “The fact that Gina didn’t start getting granulomas until much later shows that it’s a very slow, smoldering, chronic inflammatory response that could be very, very hard to treat, if not impossible to treat.”

The story of her treatment at the Botched clinic

Gina had five surgeries to fix the hole in her cheek, and then two more surgeries at the Botched center. During the first surgery, Dr. Paul Nassif found and took out a strange item that looked like gauze. After the surgeries were done, Gina’s pain went away and she slept better.

She said, “I’m just glad I have a chance to get my life back, because things were looking pretty bad. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time, so I’m really crossing my fingers that this is the end of my personal hell.”

But Gina’s relief from pain and better sleep didn’t last long because there were problems with the first surgery, which caused the swelling in her cheek to come back.

Dr. Nassif found that Gina was having problems with seromas that kept coming back, so she had to have surgery again. He said, “At this point, my only choice is to cut her open again, look for the seroma capsule, and take it out completely. Hopefully, that will be it.”

Today, Gina Anderson is in the news.

Gina Anderson

“For some reason, Gina’s body keeps making fluid in her cheek after her first surgery,” the doctor said. What’s going on here? I’m not sure. This just goes to show that you can’t predict how a silicone-injected face will heal after surgery.”

Gina got the result she wanted on her second try, and she was “unbelievably happy” as her face went back to normal. The doctors’ great work made it possible for her to start over.

Gina’s latest picture on Botched shows how happy she is and how much better she looks after her second surgery.

She said, “My energy level is going up, and my mood is actually getting better.” “I’m no longer losing hair, and in fact, it’s starting to grow back.” My thoughts are actually moving more quickly. I mean, it’s just a miracle. It just changes everything,” she said.

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