Size 22 care worker Brittany Jacques and fitness trainer Matt Montgomery met three years ago on Facebook and bonded right away.

Brittany, also 24, had relationship issues before meeting Matt, 24, since her prior boyfriends pushed her to go on crash diets and lose a lot of weight. Brittany wanted a partner who would accept her for who she was, though.

In 2020, after giving up on finding true love, Jacques met Matt, a personal trainer. They now have a child and live in Ontario, Canada.

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“When we first began communicating, both of us had practically given up on dating. From the first minute we met, we clicked. At first, I was a little hesitant,” Brittany told The Sun.

“I’ve been in relationships where guys have threatened to break up with me if I don’t start dieting or attempting to lose weight, she continued. It did” have an impact on my self-confidence, and I did attempt to alter my size at one time by working out.

But I soon came to the realization that if I did that, I would no longer value myself and would be altering myself to fit into “someone else’s definition of beautiful. I didn’t know whether I would ever” meet “someone who truly loved me for who I am, but after meeting Matt, I couldn’t be happier”,” she continued.

When they first began communicating, Matt was attracted to Brittany’s optimism and self-assurance.

Unlike his prior relationships with slimmer women, Brittany was confident in her appearance and body image.

He told The Sun, “”I’ve been in relationships with skinny girls in the past and they haven’t been happy in themselves at all.” “They weren’t upbeat or continuously felt like they” “needed to improve themselves, and it depressed me too. When I first met Britt”, I adored how comfortable she felt in her own skin. “She doesn’t want to change anything, and I would never expect her to. Since I” also enjoy eating, it’s a bonus that I don’t worry about her counting calories or dieting; all I want is for her to enjoy herself and eat whatever she wants.

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Despite leading a contented and happy life together, posting about their relationship on social media sparked a wave of anger and negativity. People questioned the compatibility of Montgomery and Jacques because Montgomery was thin and Jacques was plus-sized.

Some went too far, criticizing the fitness instructor’s masculinity for spending time with his wife.

“I definitely see people staring at us as we cross the street, but the majority of the remarks we’ve received have been online. On Instagram, many leave remarks saying that I’m not strong or masculine enough for her. Matt added, “”I wish mixed weight relationships were more prevalent and the norm”.

fitness trainer

Matt and Brittany boldly share happy moments and updates on social media, reiterating their unwavering happiness together in the face of persistent criticism.

“There’s a common idea “that a large person and a thin person can’t have healthy relationships or do things like start families, but we’ve never experienced any” problems. “It’s the happiest we’ve ever been” and we feel so lucky to have found each other,” he remarked.

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