He talked about their life together and said that many people didn’t think the young woman would turn out to be as great as she is now because she had a hard youth.
In 2018, Birkhead and Dannielynn went to the Bahamas to remember her mother and brother. The Bahamas are special to Dannielynn’s family because that’s where she was born and where her mother and brother are buried.

Birkhead told Dannielynn to go on the trip so she could find out more about her mother and where she was born. He said:

It will bring her back and remind her of where her mother used to go and what she used to do down here, and we can just have some fun with her,’ the person said.

He also said that people in the area knew Dannielynn and thought she was a queen. People often stop her in the Bahamas to take pictures or talk because of this.

Her mother and brother both died there in 2006. This took place in 2006, before Dannielynn met them.
Daniel went to the Bahamas to see his mother and sister after Dannielynn was born. Smith and Daniel are good friends, and the time they spent together was fun. But then there was a terrible accident.

Smith had to leave her beloved son soon after they saw each other again. He was found dead in the same hospital room as his mother. He had taken too many drugs. He was sitting up.

After the autopsy, Smith said that her son had never used drugs. Instead, she wanted a second autopsy to find out what happened to her son while she and her daughter were sleeping just feet away.

After the results of the autopsy came out, Smith chose to talk to a pathologist. Most families didn’t hire a second pathologist if the first one missed something important.
Cyril Wecht, who works for Smith, is a forensic doctor who has done autopsies on many famous people, including Elvis Presley. He was the best at autopsies and comes with a lot of praise.

Wecht kept the results of his autopsy to himself. Many people thought it was strange that Daniel died in a hospital.

Smith’s friends said that when she said goodbye to Daniel, she felt like she had lost a part of herself. After Daniel left so quickly, her friends joked that she felt like she had switched children with Dannielynn.

Five months after Daniel died from an overdose by accident, Smith died the same way. After that, Dannielynn was the only person who could claim her mother’s fortune. Five years before Dannielynn was born, Daniel was Smith’s only child.
Since Daniel left before his mother, a court said that Dannielynn was entitled to her mother’s money. He then set up a trust in her name and named Larry Birkhead and Smith’s administrator, Howard K. Stern, as co-trustees.

Even though Dannielynn had a hard start to life, Birkhead has worked hard to give her a peaceful home and everything she needs to succeed and be independent.

Birkhead only cared about Dannielynn.

When Dannielynn was young, Birkhead had to get a test to find out if he was her father. After he got the proof, he did everything he could to make the girl’s life as good as it could be.

In February 2022, Birkhead gave Smith a shout-out on Instagram. He said in his writing that he saw Smith in their daughter a lot. He also said that Dannielynn is just as brave as her mother.
Birkhead has also said that it was hard to raise his daughter on his own after Smith died. He admitted it:

We like it, and I think the best is yet to come for Dannielynn. Dannielynn’s grandma said, “She has such a bright future, and I try every day to keep a little bit of her mom alive.”

Because Birkhead wants Dannielynn to grow up well, they go to the Kentucky Derby every year. The father and daughter from Kentucky go to the event often.

Birkhead now works as a photographer and buys and sells real estate. In this peaceful, good place, Dannielynn can become the best adult she can be.

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