Four days after a heart collapse during basketball practice, Bronny James was seen dining with his family at a celebrity hotspot in Los Angeles.

LeBron, Savannah, Bryce, and Zuri joined him. He left Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica with LeBron and Bryce on Friday night.

Bronny, 18, was taken unwell at USC practice on Monday morning and treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles before being released later this week.

After a stressful few days, the family went out for dinner.

LeBron, Savannah, and Zuri arrived at the restaurant earlier. Bronny’s 16-year-old brother Bryce wasn’t immediately seen.

As he left a few hours later, Bronny seemed unfazed and kept messaging.

LeBron uploaded photos of him playing hoops with his other son, Bryce, on Instagram earlier Friday. The Lakers player wrote: ‘It is my obligation to always remain strong and to show them the blueprint regardless of the outcome.’

‘BryceMaximus’ and ‘MyTwin’ were his hashtags for Bryce.

Bronny hasn’t spoken since being sick, but there’s hope for his recovery.

Cedars-Sinai tweeted Thursday, ‘Thanks to the rapid and excellent reaction by the USC athletics’ medical personnel, Bronny James was successfully treated for a sudden heart arrest.

He arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center aware, stable, and neurologically intact.

Mr. James was quickly treated by well-trained professionals and discharged home to rest.

‘Although his workup will continue, we are hopeful for his sustained progress and encouraged by his response, perseverance, and family and community support.’

‘We need an ambulance quickly’ was said in the Monday morning 911 call. We need an ambulance now!

The operator instructs the caller to stay with the teen while paramedics arrive.

The call does not indicate James’ health, but it does state that there is no doctor, nurse, or medical expert at the cardiac event to give CPR.

LeBron tweeted Thursday to thank fans for their support of his family.

‘I want to thank the innumerable people giving my family love and prayers,’ he tweeted.

We appreciate you. All well. Your love keeps our family safe and healthy.

I’ll speak more later, but I wanted to thank everyone for their support! #JamesGang.’

He was’scared and devastated’ when he saw Bronny in the hospital on Tuesday.

LeBron has supported his two sons’ basketball goals by flying many hours to see their games on his off days during the Los Angeles Lakers’ season. Bronny and Bryce are both highly ranked young basketball players.

Bryce, Bronny’s 16-year-old brother, uploaded a snapshot of them with a heart on his Instagram story. Top basketball prospect Bryce James has Division I scholarship offers.

LeBron James wants to play alongside Bronny, who won’t join the NBA until 2024.

LeBron would be entering his 22nd NBA season and approaching his 40th birthday in December 2024.

James added, “My son will play my last year.” I’ll be with Bronny. I’d do everything to play with my son for a year.

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