Ari Lennox, an R&B singer, is sending a loving message to her fans as she thinks about her seven months clean.

Ari Lennox posts about being “7 months sober” on Instagram.

The 32-year-old singer posted pictures of herself wearing a gray tank top and black shorts on Instagram on Tuesday. Lennox also told her fans that she was officially happy about being sober for seven months.

Lennox said that the milestone marks “a lot of sober conversations” and “a lot of facing things raw and head on.” She also said she doesn’t know how she’ll feel when she’s been sober for a year.

“Sober for 7 months. That’s a lot of trips with no alcohol. There were a lot of serious talks. There was a lot of taking things straight on. I’m not sure what will happen when I’ve been sober for a year.”

The singer also said that she doesn’t know if she will stay sober for the rest of her life. But she likes the changes that her new state has brought into her life.

“I don’t know if being sober is forever or not, but I can’t picture going back to how things were. It was bad that I passed out in the airport or felt more emotional than I should have. I feel like I have more power over how I feel. More solid. More content. More on guard. It’s safer. More understanding of things I can’t change and more responsible with the things I can…”

The singer said that she hasn’t had any alcohol in a long time.
Lennox went on to say in her written comment that she doesn’t “find partying interesting anymore.” She also said that she might be “changing, and that’s deeper than alcohol.”

“I don’t want to party anymore. Maybe I’m changing, and that has nothing to do with alcohol. I like to do calm, nice things…”

From there, Lennox thought about the times she didn’t do so well when she drank. She told them that she used to have “night terrors” and “panic attacks.” But since she quit drinking, she’s found “healthier” ways to deal with things and says it’s “nice to remember things as they happen.”

“I like not having a hangover or being embarrassed when I wake up. I like that I don’t have nightmares or panic attacks when I wake up because I drank too much. I’m so open to everything in this world, and my ways of dealing with it are only getting better. It’s nice to keep track of things as they happen. It’s great to be here.”

Lennox then finished her post by saying that alcohol does help people “escape all the intense stress of the world.” But this is only a short-term feeling.

“But, sure, it’s a fantasy to think that you can avoid the world’s intense stress with alcohol, because, boy, does that work temporarily. But there comes a time when the alcohol stops numbing you and you can’t find that feeling again. You wake up to find that your troubles are still there.

Before she left, Lennox asked her fans to tell her about their experiences with sobriety and told them she loves them “so much.”


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