A Japanese man has turned himself into a collie after spending over $14,000 on a custom-made outfit.

The guy known online as “Toco” says that the costume has made his dream of being an animal come true.

On a video on his 32,000-subscriber YouTube account, he moves around, rolls on the floor, and plays fetch while dressed in the costume.

Toco also took a video of himself the first time he went out in public. As he walked down a busy street, people seemed to be shocked.

Even though Toco’s outfit has a harness strap around the furry part of his stomach, he has said that he is scared and nervous when he is out in public.

He also said that he decided to become a collie because of how much bigger they are than people.

The $14,000 outfit that Zeppet made took 40 days to make. It looks like a real dog and can walk on all fours.

Even though he is well-known online, Toco says that he doesn’t like to talk about what his favorite hobby is.

“They think it’s strange that I want to be a dog. “I can’t show my real face for the same reason,” he said.

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