Wendy Williams may have finally won after all, since it’s been said that her ex-husband Kevin Hunter and his mistress have broken up over money problems. Wendy Williams said she’d get him back, and it looks like she did. Since it came out that he had a child with lover Sharina Hudson, the ex-TV host has been at odds with his ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams has been making sure that Hunter doesn’t get any of her money since she gave him alimony after they got divorced. She also ended his TV career and divorced him. Nobody is sure if everything was done on purpose, but she looks like she’ll be the one who wins in the end.

Wendy Williams’ health problems have kept fans worried, and she has said that all of her money has been stopped. However, the good news is that it has all affected her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Wendy Williams only finished one season after they got divorced, and her health problems and Covid caused the Wendy Williams Show to fail totally.

She isn’t making money while she does this. Under the terms of their split, Hunter does not have to be paid by Wendy Williams if she is not working. Kevin Hunter is in a lot of pain right now. In order to raise their daughter together, he moved in with his mistress and has since started a vegan restaurant and a barbershop.

Since alimony payments stopped more than a year ago, he had to cut back on a lot of those things. He is apparently selling everything he owns like crazy to make ends meet. He told the judges that he could no longer pay his mortgage. He then tried to get Williams’s team to pay it, but the courts turned him down.

It’s said that Sharina is running away with their child while Kevin Hunter tries to make sense of everything. Kevin Hunter has taken down all of his social media posts with pictures of Sharina.

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