The split between Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict is over. After 20 years together, they are no longer married, and court papers show how everything was split up. At first, people were worried that Cory would get spousal support because Tia made more money than him.

However, Cory will only get joint custody because he won’t get alimony or the right to live in the family house. When Tia and Cory broke up in October, it shocked everyone. Since then, though, they’ve both done very well.

Cory keeps working as an actor on TV, and Tia’s social media business keeps the lights on. She says she got lost during her marriage, which is why Mowry is so into health and fashion now. The split seems to have been handled well for the sake of their kids as well, since they spent the holidays together and kept the peace. Court papers say that they will share shared custody.

This means that Tia will keep the $4.3 million home in Studio City where she lives with their two kids. Court papers say that the couple can’t say bad things about each other in front of the kids. It also has a section for when one of them starts dating someone else.

“Neither party can introduce the minor children to a new romantic partner until they have been with the new partner for at least six months.”


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When Hardrict asked that a changed prenup be thrown out, it looked like he was trying to get over the breakup early on. Mowry was the one who paid for most of their relationship, so it seems like he wanted to keep getting cared for.

Cory was said to have been seen on a date with Nia Long, but neither of them has stated that they are dating.

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