An increasing number of people would do anything to improve the way they look, which is why plastic surgery is becoming more popular all over the world.

Sadly, these treatments don’t always work and damage and change the shape of the face permanently.

There is no better example of plastic surgery gone wrong than the story of Yulia Tarasevich, who was runner-up in the Miss Russia pageant.

Before Yulia had surgery, she made sure she chose the best clinic and talked to the expert she thought would do the best job. East2West News claimed that she paid $4,000 for the surgery she had in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

The 43-year-old former beauty queen was badly done.

As reported by the New York Post, Yulia told Channel 1 that the surgeon had made her “beautiful, healthy face” look like a nightmare.

“My face was beautiful and healthy when I went to see them.” “I only wanted to fix a few things that got worse with age,” Yulia, a mother of two, said. “But I’m sorry to say I got sick.”

She had surgery to lift her face, remove extra skin from her eyes (called blepharoplasty), and reduce the amount of fat in her cheeks. It’s sad that she was “disfigured.”

After that, she had a number of emergency follow-up surgeries where doctors tried to keep her eyes from dying from necrosis, which is when cells in body parts die. At the time, she couldn’t close them.

She told Channel 1 (New York Post) that when they took out all of her flesh, scars formed in her cheeks. “I can’t close my eyes or smile.” My top lip won’t move. I have a face part that doesn’t work at all.

“First, I went to the surgery quietly because all of my tests were fine,” she said. Second, I had rhinoplasty because I had plastic surgery before this. It went perfectly for me, and there were no genetic problems.”

She sued Dr. Andrey Komarov and Dr. Omar Khaled, the two surgeons who did the first surgeries, saying they didn’t do their jobs properly because they gave her scleroderma, a rare genetic disease that makes skin harden.

She didn’t tell a professor, though, that she had the sickness.

“First, I went to the surgery quietly because all of my tests were fine.” In the second place, the Russian beauty queen said, “I had rhinoplasty because I had plastic surgery before this, and it went perfectly for me, with no genetic problems.”

She also said, “The surgeons made me the only one guilty for what happened.” “The doctors who hurt my face absolved themselves of all responsibility.” I made up my mind to go to court.”

Yulia had to pay $27,000 for the follow-up treatments. The story was called “exaggerated” by Dr. Omar Khaled, but the Russian Investigative Committee started looking into the two doctors who did the treatment.

“A forensic medical examination has been set up to find out how bad the harm was to health,” spokeswoman Anna Pushkina said. “Other patients who may have been hurt by poor services in this clinic are also being identified.” “The criminal case is still being looked into.”

Yulia told her fans how grateful she was for their support.

“Hello, friends. I want to thank all of you who help me. “Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote.

After an in-depth probe, the Krasnodar Territory Prosecutor’s Office charged Dr. Andrey Komarov with the procedure that hurt Yulia very badly.

They told the office that the services he gave “did not meet the requirements of consumer health and safety.”

He could go to jail for up to 6 years and have to pay $5,000 if he is found guilty.

That’s not all. Yulia also sued the doctor in civil court because she was depressed after the surgery. Because her face wasn’t balanced, she couldn’t close her eyes or smile.

We hope that she gets what’s coming to her.

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