Stephen A. Smith says that Jada Pinkett-Smith’s acts hurt Will Smith’s masculinity, which he thinks is wrong.

The famous ESPN expert posted a video on Instagram over the weekend in which he “begged” the actress to stop being mean to her husband the way she is now.

“You want to hang out with a guy who is friends with your son?” Smith started. “That’s your damn business, no matter how small that seems to other people.” You want to split up with your husband? It’s none of my damn business.”

“But this public emasculation needs to stop,” he said. Jada, all you’re doing is making the mean things people say about you worse. Because what you say doesn’t matter. There’s nothing you can say to Will Smith that makes what you did right. I cringe every time I hear Jada Pinkett Smith talk about Will Smith. We are kings. “We don’t like being treated that way.”

Last week, Jada went on a press tour for her upcoming book. In it, she talked about her marriage to Will Smith and her late friend Tupac Shakur in a lot of new ways. She said in a recent interview that she didn’t understand why Will called her his “wife” since they hadn’t used that word to talk about each other in a while. She had already said that they have been living apart for seven years, so this news comes after that. In addition, Jada said that Tupac asked her to marry him while he was in jail in 1995.

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