Shop Clerk Fired for Assisting Handicapped Guy Gets New Job Paying 5 Times More – Story of the Day
A nice grocery employee assists a disabled customer with groceries and gets fired. He gets a five-times-higher job the next day.

Kelly loved working. At the grocery store, he liked people. Most clients knew him by name and liked his helpful, kind approach.

His boss, Mr. Tyrell, wasn’t impressed. He was nasty and only cared about money. Johnny’s kindness angered Mr. Tyrell one day.
The first consumer arrived on Wednesday afternoon. His pinned-up trousers leg showed he had lost a limb.

Johnny noticed the man straining with his crutches, shopping cart, and shelves. He rang up another customer’s items and watched the crippled man.

Twenty minutes later, he was in line at Johnny’s till. “Hi! Johnny grinned at the man. What’s up? ”

Compassion trumps money.
“I’m fine,” he said.

Johnny asked, “Are you a veteran?”

“Yes,” he said. “Middle East… I have a prosthetic, but my stump is ulcerated, thus I require these crutches for two months.”


Johnny winced. “That’s hard! ”

Listen, he said. I’m better off than most of my comrades. No complaints! ”

Johnny put the man’s groceries in two bags and watched him struggle with the bags and crutches. Hang on! He cried. Johnny faced the customers. Please wait. ”
Johnny followed the man into the parking lot with his shopping bags. Johnny left with the man’s stuff in his trunk.

He observed Mr. Tyrell standing by Johnny’s till, arms crossed and angry, as he returned to the store. “Where were you? He yelled. Customers await! ”

Johnny apologised. “There was this gentleman with only one leg, and he couldn’t carry his groceries…” a person in line interrupted Mr. Tyrell.

He stated the young man was kind. Waiting was fine! The consumers agreed, and Mr. Tyrell smiled with ice-cold eyes.

He gave Johnny a pink slip and a cheque at closure. “I don’t care what those fools say. You work, not donate! He said. “Every minute you’re gone from work costs me money.

“Making money is life, right? Your garbage is enough. You’re fired! ”

Johnny saw Mr. Tyrell’s angry face and realised debating was pointless. He left with his check. He had to find work immediately. His mother needed him.

Johny waited at the bus stop at 7:00 am to go into town to find job. Friendliness met him from an automobile. Hi there! Need a ride to the store? ”
Yesterday’s man! Johnny greeted. I won’t shop. I quit.”

He was astonished. Why not? He asked.

Johnny reddened, “Mr. Tyrell claimed I was away from the till too long. He fired me.”
He looked upset. I did that! He cried. Take the automobile. I’ll take you anywhere.”

Johnny stated he was going downtown to get job.

Are you?

he stated. What else can you do? ”

Johnny blushed. “My mum claims the only thing I do well is play video games,” he admitted. “Really! he stated. He seemed interested. “What do you play?” ”

To Johnny’s astonishment, the man knew a lot about video games and seemed impressed by Johnny’s gaming views.

“Want to work for me?

He asked.


Johnny asked. Doing what? ”

“Tell my games developer some of those ideas you discussed with me,” the man added. My company makes games. You’ll fit in! ”

Johnny loved his job a week later. Johnny’s mentor, the one-legged businessman, recommended he return to school and take night classes at the local college. Johny became the company’s best developer with his support, despite initial difficulties.

After a generous gesture, he was making five times more than at the grocery store and doing what he liked, establishing a future.

What’s the moral?

Compassion trumps money. Johnny disagreed with Mr. Tyrell that money was everything. His kindness lost him his job but secured his future.
Everybody has a skill that can get them ahead. Johnny was happy working in a grocery shop and glad to meet someone who saw his skill and gave him an opportunity.
Tell your friends. It could uplift them.
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A professional writer based this work on reader stories. Names and locations are completely coincidence. Illustrations alone. Share your story—it may alter someone’s life. Tell us your tale.

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