The latest bad news in the pair’s extremely unstable relationship is that Hall is said to have sued Oates in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 16.

The Messenger got copies of sealed court papers that show Hall and the Daryl Hall Revocable Trust sued Oates and the John W. Oates TISA Trust.

According to reports, Hall filed a “verified complaint for preliminary relief” through arbitration along with the “contract/debt” lawsuit.

Hall also asked for a temporary restraining order against Oates. On November 30, both the preliminary relief complaint and the restraining order request will be reviewed by a judge.

Since they started the pop, rock, and R&B band Hall & Oates in 1972, the two have been through a lot of big ups and downs.

Fans of Hall & Oates all over the world were upset when Hall said last year that he and Oates were done making music together. The duo had eight platinum records and six No. 1 songs.

Last year, Hall, who is now 77 years old, told the Los Angeles Times, “I don’t have any plans to work with John.” “You know what I mean. We’ll find out in time.

“Thoughts changed, life changed, everything changed,” he said. “My own world is more interesting to me.” John is the same.”

“That makes me think of what I said about pairs,” Hall gave more information at the time. “I had to include what he thinks too, I couldn’t just say what I think.”

“That’s the crazy thing about being a pair.”

Oates, on the other hand, last talked about the “ups and downs” of his friendship with Hall two years ago.

Even though Oates, who is now 75 years old, said it was a “miracle” that they were still playing together after almost 50 years, he didn’t say that he and Hall had a history of bad blood or money problems.

In 2021, Oates said, “You know, way more ups than downs.” “It’s a miracle that we can still play together, and it’s great.”

Back then, he said, “It’s something you have to really value, because as you said, it’s not easy.”

This month, Hall sued Oates, as reported. It was also almost ten years since his second wife, Amanda Aspinall, asked for a divorce from the R&B singer after only six years of marriage.

In 2015, Aspinall asked courts in Connecticut to end her marriage to Hall. She said that their relationship had “irretrievably broken down” after they got married in 2009.


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