He rescued his sister and the family dog from a fire. He’s 5.
Five-Year-Old Child Saves Sister from Fire Home and Returns to Save Dog
I now believe superheroes exist and don’t have to be grown guys in capes. Noah Woods, a quick-thinking, courageous five-year-old from Bartow County, Georgia, saved his family from an electrical fire. Noah, one of the rare kids to get the Lifesaving Award, saved seven individuals from the blazing house.

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Noah’s family was asleep when an electrical fault caused a fire. Noah grabbed his 2-year-old sister, Lily, and escaped out the window, the only free exit. He did this without thinking, although no one knows how.

and called his uncle next door for help. The burning house held sleeping occupants. Noah saved 7 lives. His sister had slight foot burns but was well. Noah and four family members received smoke inhalation and minor burns.

The boy’s fast thinking prevented a massive tragedy.

He aspires to be a policeman.
After his rescue, CBS News reports that Noah wants to be a police officer instead of a superhero.

Firefighters are usually honoured. but we’re here today to honour one of our local heroes,” Fire Department Chief Dwayne Jamison said during a Friday celebration honouring Noah [1]. “Noah’s heroic acts rescued the family that day,”

Jamison told CNN that youngsters had alerted their relatives [2]. “But for a 5-year-old to be aware enough to achieve this—really that’s extraordinary.”

Noah received the Lifesaving Award and became an honorary fireman during a Fire Department ceremony. He received a badge and a beautiful firemen helmet for his bravery.

“This youngster right here is really warm-hearted,” his relative said during the press conference. I’m proud to be part of this family and commemorate Noah today. Heroes come in many sizes. This week, he proved age matters. “That a 5-year-old can go out and save his whole family is eye-opening,” he said.

“By the grace of God, all nine of our loved ones were able to get out of our home,” Noah’s grandfather David Woods wrote on GoFundMe. Noah saved our lives.

Noah’s family created this GoFundMe account to ask for donations after their home was destroyed. Noah and Lily deserve another good home. Help the family recover.
Superhero Noah, bravo. You’re brave.

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